Should the Government Help to Preserve Trees

Who are the Government? They are elected officials that their main goal is to take care and improve the welfare of the citizens. If they don’t do that, the people will vote them off. So if the officials want to make sure that they stay in power and enjoy the privileges of being an elected officials, then they have to do the right things.

The government is tasked with building roads, providing security and many other things, but one important thing is also preserving trees. If you read most articles on nature, it is most private organizations that take care of nature. But it will be better if the government is involved in doing that. Because if the government is involved in doing that, it means that the citizens support it because the government is like a representation of the people. Basically, people pay their taxes, and the money is deposited in the central bank of the country. The government is not like individuals that will require the money to be deposited into their BOA, Wells fargo, or chase bank account. If the government does that, they will be like they are supporting one bank over the other.

The government will use the money to preserve the trees. If I say preserve the trees, I mean that the government will provide funds so that the trees will be taken care off and prevent them from developing dieback. The government has to do this if they don’t want the trees to die. The trees act as a representation of the past. The trees tells the history of the place. Of course, the past is the past and we have to make room for the future. But it is also good to keep some memories of the past, so that the future generation can have an idea of what their past was.


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