Dieback Response Group

The Dieback Response Group was established by the State Environment Minister to implement the State Phytophthora dieback policy framework and monitor its progress.

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What is Dieback?

Phytophthora dieback is a devastating plant disease of native plants, horticultural crops and garden plants worldwide.

The introduction of Phytophthora dieback into Western Australia is a disaster of global significance. The impact of this devastating plant disease is arguably the greatest threatening processes to the natural heritage of Western Australia and the impact of the disease on our State's biodiversity is greater than salinity. Over 40% of the State's native plant species are at risk and over 50% of the State's rare or endangered plants are vulnerable.

Phytophthora dieback acts like a biological bulldozer in our native ecosystems by reducing the density & diversity of the native vegetation. This dramatic change in the native plant community structure reduces the number of native animals that inhabitit it, including insects, birds and marsupials. The disease also costs hundreds of millions of dollars every year in industries such as horticulture, plant nurseries, mining, forestry, construction and tourism.

Latest News

04 Feb 2013
Phytophthora Dieback Awareness Workshop: Black-Cockatoos
Bird enthusiasts are invited to attend a Phytophthora Dieback Awareness Workshop at the Henderson Centre, North Beach, on Saturday 9th of March. This FREE workshop is open to anyone from Ornithologists to garden bird-watchers.
13 Nov 2006
Pathogens found in nursery stock imported into Western Australia
Davison et al. recently published a journal in Australasian Plant Pathology...

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